Liquor List

*Inventory subject to change without notice

Liquor                         Brand                                          Beer

Rum                                            Barcardi                                                              Miller Genuine Draft

Spiced Rum                              Captain Morgan’s                                             Miller Lite

Coconut Rum                           Malibu                        

Gin                                              Barton’s                                                               Wine

Vodka                                         Smirnoff (red)                                                    Chardonnay

Scotch                                        J & B                                                                    Merlot

Whiskey                                    Seagram’s 7                                                      White Zinfandel

Whiskey                                    Jack Daniels                                                      Pinot Grigio

Bourbon Whiskey                   Jim Beam                                                            Moscato

Tequila                                      El Chico                      

Peach Schnapps                    DeKuyper                                                           Mixes

Amaretto                                   DeKuyper                                                           Bloody Mary Mix

Vermouth/Sweet                     Martini & Rossi                                                  Sweet and Sour


                                                                                                                                Triple Sec

*Alcohol may not be carried in, or taken off the property.  Other options available for an additional fee.